Aladdin (1992) – Princess Jasmine Castle 10” Faux Leather Mini Backpack (Loungefly)


This dreamy scene captures Aladdin and Princess Jasmine riding Carpet above the Sultan’s castle in the beautiful night sky, with Genie watching on from the palace grounds. The front pocket features Genie’s shiny lamp with Abu alongside. The other side of the backpack shows Jasmine relaxing with Rajah by the sparkling fountain. The whole design inspires a callback to the “A Whole New World” number in the film, a powerful scene in which Princess Jasmine’s world is broadened in mere moments by the street-dwelling Aladdin masquerading as Prince Ali.

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This bag is lovingly constructed in vegan-friendly leather and includes printed details as well as shimmery foil for the palace rooftops and Genie’s lamp. The lining inside matches the theme with beautiful rolling clouds.

Product Features:

  • Faux leather
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Printed details

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