Alien – Xenomorph Zippermouth Plush


Inspired by Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror masterpiece, Alien, the Xenomorph Zippermouth joins the new series of adorable badies and monsters in a chibi-styled plush form. Charming, edgy and packed with personality, Zippermouths are so full of details and quality they will appeal to adults and kids alike.


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The Xenomorph Zippermouth features individually-stuffed claws, embroidered detailing (Zippermouths never use print detailing), and decorative top-stitching and custom-dyed fabric that’s super soft to the touch. And, of course, all Zippermouths feature their trademark zippered smile… just unzip to reveal the Xenomorph’s iconic inner jaw, complete with its own tiny zipper mouth!

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