Batman (1966) – Batcave DC Retro 6” Action Figure Playset


To the Batpoles! Celebrate the campy fun of the classic swinging sixties series Batman with this cool new series of figures by McFarlane Toys, featuring the Caped Crusader, Robin and The Joker, along with the iconic Batmobile and Batcave accessories.

With the push of a Shakespeare bust button, Bruce and Dick are transported into the vast Batcave and transformed into Batman and Robin. Housing the Batcomputer and a host of gadgets, the Dynamic Duo solves crimes and is always alert for trouble in Gotham City. Now, it’s time for Batman and Robin to teach the villains that crime doesn’t pay!

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For a trip down nostalgia lane, bring your favourite Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder, and any other McFarlane Toys in to recreate the action in this awesome playset! The Batcave DC Retro 6” Action Figure Playset has been designed with authentic details based on the memorable set in the classic 1960’s TV show, and features eight accessories including monitors, machines, batcomputer, as well as batpoles, and a loft with a ladder, allowing Batman and Robin to fight crime and keep tabs on those dastardly villains, all showcased in old school style packaging for a proper retro look.

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