Dark Nights: Metal – The Drowned DC Multiverse 7” Action Figure


Born on Earth-11 to Martin Wayne, Bryce Wayne was originally a crime fighter who was romantically involved with Sylvester Kyle before his tragic end to rogue metahumans.

After stealing Aquawoman’s own trident, resulting in the drowning of Gotham City, Bryce set about adapting herself to her new oceanic existence.

With her abilities bolstered by her adversary’s trident, she conquered Atlantis and drowned the rest of the world, later joining the Dark Knights of Barbatos and taking on the title of The Drowned.

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Inspired by her appearance in the Earth-11 series, McFarlane Toys have released a stunning 7″ Action Figure, depicting Bryce Wayne in her “The Drowned” costume.

The character has been designed with authentic details and premium texturing, from her floating, tentacle-like hair, to the seaweed-y skirt around her waist.

The villainess comes packed with an impressive 22 points of articulation, perfect for displaying in an endless array of menacing poses.

The Action Figure also includes a trident, black display base, and a collectible trading card.

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