Dynamic Action Heroes – Duck Tales – Darkwing Duck (Beast Kingdom)


Disney’s Darkwing Duck is back once again in popular culture, with a new animated reboot from Disney.

The classic 90s show introduced us to a detective unlike any other. Part crimefighter, part detective, our titular superhero is one stop away from solving a crime near you! Aided by his friends, and a host of gadgets and gizmos, Darkwing Duck was as comedic as he was heroic.

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Beast Kingdoms, Entertainment Experience Brand showcases the very best in DAH (Dynamic 8ction Hero) design.

The well rounded, highly articulable duck is ready to leap and bound across buildings in one fell swoop.

He comes with a full cloth suit and equipped with his favorite grappling gun.

Multiple interchangeable accessories such as face expression, hands and base stand are also included.

So make sure to give this cunning detective duck a home and watch him solve a few mysteries of his own!

Special Features:

  • Three (3) replacement eye masks(normal/angry/large and small eye)
  • Two (2) replacement mouthpieces (open/close)
  • Darkwing Duck Hat
  • Six (6) pairs of replacement hands
  • Grappling gun
  • Purple detective suit made of real fabric
  • Special, branded figure base with bracket


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