Fantastic Four – Uatu the Watcher Marvel Select 9” Action Figure


Uatu is a member of the Watchers, an extraterrestrial species who in the distant past stationed themselves across space to monitor the activities of other species, who was assigned to observe Earth and its Solar system.

Being among the oldest and most advanced beings in the cosmos, Watchers sought to spread their knowledge to benefit lesser races, but when their attempts to help resulted in catastrophe, they vowed never to meddle again and instead passively observe to record events for those who will come after the universe ends.

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Uatu is back to watch over your collection with this highly sought-after action figure of Uatu that is finally back in production after years of being lost in the ether.

Standing approximately 9 inches tall, this detailed figure features 12 points of articulation, and captures the wise observer standing atop a moon diorama base with his cape billowing behind as he waves in greeting.

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