Gremlins: Holiday Havoc Card Game (Funko)


The Gremlins have gone from cute Christmas-gift pets to mini-monsters causing havoc around town, and you must stop them! Flip over cards to reveal favorite creatures from the classic movie. If you see a match, pounce fast to score. But beware, other players are on the prowl. And whatever you do, don’t get them wet or your chance of losing multiplies!


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  • Fast paced, card-slapping action is frenetic fun for the whole family
  • Card illustrations feature 10 different Gremlin images plus the iconic Gizmo
  • Contains 5 location cards inspired by the movie, including Dorry’s Tavern
  • Game Contents: 50 Gremlin Cards, 5 Gizmo Cards, 4 Multiply Cards, 5 Location Cards, 1 Sunrise Card, Instructions
  • Game Details: Family Card Game, Ages 8 and up, For 3–5 players, 15-minute gameplay

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