It (1990) – Pennywise Clothed 8” Action Figure


Beep, beep Richie… Pennywise is back to haunt your dreams and every waking moment!

The terrifying Pennywise Clothed 8” Action Figure by NECA was inspired by Tim Curry’s legendary portrayal of the Dancing Clown in the 1990 horror mini-series It, which brought Stephen King’s horror tale to life for the first time and left a whole generation afraid of clowns.

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The screen-accurate action figure is wearing a fully sewn fabric costume of Pennywise’s iconic clown clothes, and comes complete with a red balloon, interchangeable hands (gloved and monster), and two interchangeable heads to display the wisecracking killer clown laughing maniacally or getting ready to eat all the tasty, tasty beautiful fear.

Let your worst dream come true with Pennywise in your horror collection.

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