Lilo & Stitch – Stitch Q-Fig 5” Vinyl Figure


Thanks to Quantum Mechanix, Stitch has been brought to life as he appeared in the San Francisco scene of Lilo & Stitch. With an instinct to destroy and a mind like a supercomputer, Stitch manages to build a model of the city after just glancing at a postcard. Pretending to be a gigantic monster, he storms his way through the tiny cityscape; just a little bit of fun for a genetically engineered creature of chaos.

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At a total of 8″ in height (includes base), the epic diorama perfectly encapsulates the fun Stitch had in the iconic scene, with his big grin from ear to floppy ear. No detail has been spared, from the cardboard buildings and makeshift Golden Gate bridge, to the tiny cars flung from Stitch’s claws. We all need to blow off some steam from time to time, and rampaging through a tiny model city is just how Stitch chooses to do so.

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