Seinfeld – A Party Game About Nothing Party Game


Celebrate the hit ‘90s TV show in this hilarious head-to-head party game that will challenge what you know about “the show about nothing”

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Score points by answering trivia questions, charades-style acting, and guessing who said or did some of the most hilarious bits ever aired on television!

You’ll even get a chance to fish for the marble rye like George and Jerry did! Once a team reaches 70 points, players must use the rod to carry George’s marble rye bread through an obstacle course designed by the other team, without dropping it.

It’s hundreds of Seinfeld-celebrating activities for outrageous fun!


  • 176 x Challenge Cards
  • 1 x Card Box
  • 1 x Challenge Die
  • 8 x Character Tokens
  • 6 x Newman Tokens
  • 22 x Point Tokens
  • 2 x Challenge Reference Cards
  • 1 x 160-Second Sand Timer
  • 1 x Start Card
  • 1 x Finish Card
  • 1 x Marble Rye Bread
  • 1 X Fishing Pole
  • 1 x Instructions

For Ages 14+, 2-8 players.

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