The Crow – The Crow Gallery 9” PVC Diorama Statue


A year after he an his fiancee were brutally murdered on Devil’s Night, Eric Draven’s restless spirit has been brought back to the land of the living by a crow, who empowers and guides him along the path to vengeance.

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The Crow Gallery 9” PVC Diorama Statue beautifully captures the scene in which Eric Draven first returns to his old loft after rising from the grave, painting his face to mimic the mask he had given Shelly before standing in front of the broken window with the Crow perched atop his shoulder as he prepares to avenge his fallen love.

Crafted in high quality PVC with detailed sculpting and authentic paint applications, The Crow Gallery 9” PVC Diorama Statue stands approximately 9” tall on the diorama base to set the scene with the broken window in the background and his guitar and sketch book at his feet.

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