Game of Thrones – Daenerys & Jorah Movie Moment Pop! Vinyl Figure 2-Pack


Despite their best efforts to prepare, not a lot went right during the Battle of Winterfell. The dragons couldn’t see through the fog, the defeated dead were reanimated again, and the Night King offered little more than a sly smirk as he approached his prize. The living never stopped fighting though. Even as victory seemed to slip from their grasp; even though the waves of the dead kept coming; even as they unseated Dany from Drogon, she picked up a sword and continued to fight, though she was never trained to use a blade. Ser Jorah, ever loyal, fought through immeasurable pain to continue protecting her.

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This Movie Moments Pop! features Daenerys Targaryan and Ser Jorah Mormont during the battle, as they fight off the dead surrounding them. Add this iconic piece to your collection today!

Size: 11.5cm tall approx
Material: Plastic/Vinyl

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